Kong Stage X Port Upgrade

Kong Stage X Port Upgrade

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This product is only to be purchased if you are sending in a Kong ported Supercharger to get upgraded to the Kong Stage X port. We do not offer a Stage X option for every style supercharger.

If you are unsure if a Stage X option is available for your application, please send an email to greg@kongperformance.com with any questions.


The process is simple!

  • Once you checkout, print out your emailed receipt and put that in a box with your supercharger. Make sure the supercharger is padded well on all sides. (Do not use packing peanuts)
  • Be sure to remove all sensors and gaskets please!
  • We prefer UPS, Fedex, or DHL for shipping to us.



Do you need a shipping container to keep your supercharger safe when shipping it in? If so, click ---> here <--- to add one of our custom molded shipping containers to your order.


Ship to address:

Kong Performance
8 Smithbridge Rd.
Chester Heights, PA 19017