Kong Billet HD Belt Tensioner
Kong Billet HD Belt Tensioner
Kong Billet HD Belt Tensioner

Kong Billet HD Belt Tensioner

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Although the Supercharged LS9 engine on the C6ZR1 has an 11 rib belt driving the supercharger, in many cases it is still not enough to prevent belt slip. Smaller than stock pulleys, combined with inadequate belt wrap from the factory is a recipe for belt slip on the ZR1 that we have seen and been dealing with for many years. The best solution up to this point was fighting to install the tightest belt possible while frequently changing belts to keep belt slip to a minimum. 

Aside from belt slip, the OEM tensioners have been known to fail for a variety of reasons.

We took all of these issues into consideration and decided a new tensioner was necessary with a complete design overhaul. Performance, durability, and appearance were all taken into account during the design process to come up with the best possible alternative solution for a belt tensioner.


Key Features:

  • All 6061 billet constriction (much stronger than the stock unit). 
  • 50% increase in tension over the OEM tensioner. 
  • Increased tensioner travel
  • No modifications needed for install.
  • Simple bolt on installation. (5-10 minutes)
  • Reuses the factory hardware for mounting. (Three bolts)
  • Lifetime Warranty. Never buy another tensioner again!

IMPORTANT: 2.45” Supercharger pulley or smaller only! Any supercharger pulley larger than that may come into contact with the tensioner pulley due to increased tensioner arm travel.